Volunteers for ACCOGS

Our volunteers are a valuable asset! We need their efforts to keep the chapter running and contribute to our speaker programs, publications such as our books and newsletter, our resources at the library, fundraising, projects, and website. In 2021, twenty volunteers collectively logged over 1,500 hours on various endeavors for the organization. If we were a business that paid their employees a minimum of $10 an hour, we would have had over $15,000 in labor costs. Thank you, volunteers, for your time and talent!

Some of our Volunteers who were at the Banquet:

Back Row (L to R): Terry Haun, Tom Neel, Cynthia Becker, Charlie Fulk. 

Front Row (L to R): Missy Derrenberger, Becky Plank, Linda Collins, Linda Fulk, Ginny Feiber, Marleen Applegate, Deanna Applegate.

Update! Our total volunteer hours for 2021 were 1707.95. Amazing!

Volunteer Opportunity: The Chapter would like to complete the publication of its series of township research aid books. The only one remaining to be completed is Montgomery Township, which includes the city of Ashland. The book includes information from maps, tax lists, census records, voter lists, churches, schools, cemeteries, etc. We need people to type information (in MS Word) and gather information. If you can help, send an email to accogswebmaster@gmail.com.