Newsletter Abstracts 1982 – Current Issue (Abstracts of contents for each Year)


(1982 – current)

1982, Volume 1:  1853 Ashland Times death notices; 1879 Richland County Pioneer Reunion; Ashland/Richland C6untians in some Eaton Co. IL deeds; Family information – WARNER, HARNER, SCHORAH, WOODHOUSE; MERKLING, CRONE, ZEITER’s Cemetery, PETERSON, RICHEY, MOYER, SHANABARGER, LOFLAND, POTTER, BRYTE, FERGUSON and BUSHONG.

1983, Volume 2: 1854,55 & 59 Ashland Times death notices; 1819 Richland Co. Common Pleas Court records; Mansfield’s 175th Birthday; 1846-49 Ashland Co. Naturalizations; 1903 Mifflin Township Necrology report; Jefferson Twp., Richland Co. school records; formation of Richland Co.; Family information Arnholt, Rice, Middlewart, Bushey, DeWalt, Fast, Tyler, Ridgeway and Case.

1984, Volume 3: 1860 Ashland Times death notices; 1852-53 Richland Co. guardianships; 1890 letter concerning the Copus/Ruffner massacre; 1904 reunion of Close Street school in Sullivan Twp.; 1849-51 Ashland Co. Naturalizations; Lewis’ Block House, Worthington Twp., Richland Co.; First Families of Richland Co. & Ashland Co. members and ancestors; Family information – Hart, Garver, Hill, Coulter, Hale/Hole, Bowerize and Lentz. (End of the dual newsletter)

1985, Volume 4(beginning of separate newsletters): 1861-62 Ashland Times and Ashland Union death notices; 1852 Naturalizations; formation of Ashland Co.; 1846-49 Divorce records; The Ohio Globe newspaper in 1836; FFOAC members and ancestors; Hayesville; 1846-49 Paternity and Insanity records; 1841-46 Poor Tax & Indentures, Ruggles Twp.; Polk; 1808-13 Knox Co. Marriage Records; Familly information – Austin, Butcher, Smiley, Robinson/Slocum tavern, Beyermeister, Frank, Williams, Journeycake Indian family.

1986, Volume 5:  Pleasant Ridge area, east Montgomery Twp. & west Perry Twp.; 1863-65 death notices; 1867-81 Ashland Co. births recorded in Richland Co.; 1850-52 Paternity records; Polk; 1849-52 Divorce records; Ashland OR & WI; 1836 newspaper items; 1849-50 Insanity records; Family information: Long, Studebaker, Bechtel, Souser, Marsh, Wallet, Kellogg, Helman, Castleman, Williams, Stott, Franks, Young, Buchanan, Sattler; FFOAC members & ancestors.

1987, Volume 6: 1891 Eligible bachelors; 1866 death notices; Ashland Co. births recorded in Richland Co. 1882-94; Ashland Neb.; 1847 & 1856-57 newspaper items; Orange Twp. donations to Civil War soldiers; Ashlanders in Elkhart Co IN and Cass Co. MO; Ashlanders at 2nd Ohio Convention in 1850; east Orange Twp. families; 1858-60 Lutheran Church records; 1836-66 Evangelical death notices; Family information – Chappel, Keetle, Burwell, Tannehill, Shearer, Peebles, Kahl, Kirkton, Shopbell, Robinson, Marvin, Harvey, Castor, Swassick, Heiffner, Soles; FFOAC members and ancestors.

1988, Volume 7: Underground Rail Road in Ruggles Twp.; 1829 Petition for tavern in Hanover Twp.; Baptismal records of Presbyterian Church in Ashland 1841-55; Bethel Church of God in Vermillion Twp.; 1879 Condensed History of Co.; 1847 newspaper items; Ashlanders in Hamilton & Wright Co. IA & DuPage Co. IL; 1857-58 newspaper items; Trinity Lutheran Church; 1885 & 1887 obituary reports of the Pioneer Historical Society; 1936 GAR members; 1820 Manufactures census; 1829-50 Ashlanders in Ohio Institution for the Deaf & Dumb; 1846 Guardianships; 1846 Partitions; 1904 Mohicanville; 1853-54 Jail report; Family information – Kantzer, Beck, Weaver, Smith, Hootman, Bungard, Miller, Nusbaum, Tilton, Stoner, Loft, Culley, Hatch, Short, Naylor, Chandler, McDonald, Priest, Culbertson, Swain, Jones, Culler and White; FFOAC members and ancestors.

1989, Volume 8:  FFOAC members & ancestors; Nova; 1886 Pioneer Society’s death notices; 1847 newspaper items; 1852 Jail Report; some Civil War soldiers; Hayesville; WWI Ashland soldiers buried in Europe; 1853 Jail Reports; Guardianships & Partitions 1847; Presbyterian records; Ashland Deaf & Dumb 1856; Blacks in Ashland Co. 1861; Montgomery Twp. Trustees Minutes 1820-44; Mifflin Twp. Seymour’s Run Church records 1837-45; Widowsville; Family information Galloway, Stott, Fenn, Holbrook, Sloan, Parker, Jacoby, McMahan, Coffin, Gregg, Roop, Lavengood, Pool and Mauk.

1990, Volume 9: FFOAC members and ancestors; Original lot owners of Uniontown/Ashland 1815-24; Montgomery Twp. Trustees Minutes 1820-44; Guardianships & Partitions 1847-49; 1850-51 newspaper items; Pioneer Historical Society’s obituary report for Jackson, Milton, Lake, Orange, Clear Creek, Perry, Hanover, Mohican, Mifflin, Vermillion, Green and Montgomery Twps. 1885; Ashland’s 175th Birthday; Original Lot Owners in Markley’s Addition to Uniontown/Ashland 1819-24; Old Hopewell Graveyard; Presbyterian dismissals 1841- 55; Perote Post Office; Oldest couples in Troy Twp., 1882; Ashland in 1846; some Common Pleas Court records from Wayne Co. 1819-37; Ashlanders in Charlotte MI; Sullivan Twp. Soldiers dead by 1886; Montgomery Twp. School District #3; Ashlanders in Bates Co. MO & Branch Co. MI; Troy Twp. GAR; some Underground Rail Road stories of Savannah; Ruggles Twp. autograph book 1884; 1811 Knox Co. Tax List; Donations to Civil War soldiers from District #1, Vermillion Twp.; 1859 letters at Post Office; Family information – Fast, Walker, Harris, Shott, Marsh, Curry, Vanscoy, Fenn, Simonton, Hutchison, Bennett, Vail, Copus, Potter, Heffner, Metcalf and Eagle.

1991, Volume 10: Honey Creek; Perrysville store account book 1817; ASHLAND UNION 1866-67 items; 1847 Ruggles Twp. Chattel Tax List; Guardianships 1849; 1819 Military School Lands delinquent tax; Wayne Co. Apprentice Indentures 1825-31; 1838 Hanover Twp. Chattel Tax List; Clear Creek Twp. tavern petition 1827; Savannah Academy 1880 & 1858; Mifflin Twp. tavern petition 1831; ASHLAND UNION 1867-68 items; Vermillion Twp. JP registry of marriages 1859-60; 1846 Births; Common Pleas Court records 1846-50; 1850 Lake Twp. Chattel tax list; Sullivan Twp. school records 1848; Meng Church records 1846-76; Jeromesville Presbyterian Church records 1854-84; Aged folks born 1815-1829; Nankin Presbyterian Church records 1843; Stray notices from Troy, Milton & Perry Twps. Perry Twp. tavern licenses 1851; Montgomery Twp. tavern licenses 1822 & 1829; Family information Doty, Metcalf, Carter, Anderson, Mason, Bechtel, Lash, Ralston, Brubaker, Wyler, Shaner, Cook, Andrews, Heifner, Priest, Newman (black), Coulter and Kosht.

1992, Volume 11:  Aged Folks (births 1828-1835); Common Pleas Court Records 1850; 1837 newspaper; Clear Creek Presbyterian Church Records, 1841-1860; First Congregational Church Records, Sullivan; Mifflin tavern license; Loudonville early schools; 1889 obituary/necrology for Milton, Perry, Ruggles, Troy, Green, Mohican, Jackson, Orange and Montgomery townships; Marriages 1830-32; Hayesville Baptist Church membership, 1841-59; Defective marriage records, 1870- 1883; Family information: Gebhart, Clay, Kiser/Starn, Huntsman, Long, Over, Hill and Shutt.

1993, Volume 12: Common Pleas Court records; 1889 obituary & necrology report for Montgomery & Clear Creek; Montgomery Twp School District No.2 1827 households; Nankin in 1884; 1829 tavern petition for Vermillion (now Savannah); Vermillion Twp 1837 store accounts; 1817 Green Twp road tax; Hanover Twp 1889 Obituary & Necrology report & 1829 & 1831 tavern petitions for Loudonville; 1849 & 1853 Sullivan Twp school register; Mohican Twp & Lake Twp one-room schools; 1838 Milton Twp chattels; Mifflin Twp 1889 necrology report & a brief history of Mifflin; Perry Twp 1890 Vets census; Troy Twp 1890 Vets census; 1853 list of letters remaining at Post Office; family: Berry, Zemore, Roughner, Shisler, Cochennour/Smalley, Morris, Krebs, Smith & Ambrose.

1994, Volume 13: Common Pleas Court records (cont’d); 1888 obituary & necrology for Vermillion twp.; First Families; Lake Twp 1850 Agriculture Census; Smalley Family History; Troy Twp 1850 Agriculture Census; Orange Twp 1890 Special Census of Sailors, Marines, & Widows; St. Johns Congregation, Albion; Robert Newell History; Sullivan Twp 1850 Agriculture Census; 1839 Mohican Twp Chattel Tax Records; Wertman/Killgore bio; Cleark Creek Twp 1890 Special Census; Burns and Vantilburg families; Montgomery Twp School District #4; Milton Twp and Green Twp1838 Chattel Property Tax Records.

1995, Volume 14: First Families; Common Pleas Court records (cont’d); Trop Twp, 1850 Special Census; 1839 Lake Twp chattel Tax Records; Stoner Family in Civil War; Montgomery Twp School District #5; Orange Twp Murray School; John Hammond Account Book; 1839 Perry Twp. Chattel Tax Records; First Congregational Church Ruggles Twp; 1840 Mohican Twp Chattel Tax records; 1842 Green Twp Chattel Tax records; Tredway-Vangilder-Eighinger Families, Widowville; 1839 Chattel Tax Jackson Twp; Mifflin Twp Justice of the Peace book; Richey family history.

1996, Volume 15:  First Family Inductees and Ancestors; Misc. Common Pleas Court Manuscripts; CHARLES family history; PRIEST family day journal, Cleo Redd Fisher Museum; Samuel HAZLETT mystery; Cottage Street, including 1861 ownership map; 18 Ashlanders go to Oregon and Washington under the Homestead Law; Peter VANTILBURG Mystery; McKay Cemetery, Green Twp reading.

1997, Volume 16:  1996 First Family Inductees and Ancestors; Ashland Press newspaper abstracts 1883; Sullivan twp Close Street School 1899 Reunion; Common Pleas Court Chancery 1846-50; Ashlanders in Henry & St, Clair Cos MO & Kosciusko Co IN; Loudonville Reminiscent; County Infirmary & Jail report; Some 1910 death certificate information; How to Inter-library Loan from Ohio Historical Society; COLE, MATTHEWS, and KIPLINGER family; ARMENTROUT, BRYTE, BRUBAKER, TOPPING/GRAHAM, KREHBIEL, BOOTS, LATSCHER, RHINEHART, WORKMAN, HELBERT, LYONS, BEAM, & KOPP.

1998, Volume 17:  Common Pleas Court Chancery 1850-mid 51; Early Sandusky Street History; Markley’s Graveyard; Ashland Press abstracts Nov & Dec 1883; Ashland Times & States &. Union abstracts 1868-69; Obits of Ashlanders from Methodist newspaper The Northwestern Christian Advocate; 1st Company of 1st Regiment, 11th Div of Ohio Militia; Some street name changes in Ashland; 1831 Clear Creek twp Publick House of Intertainment petition; Some 1910 Death Certificate info; Steam Town; An 1819/20 Estate listing many Mohican twp area residents; Chapter By-Laws; family: RUTH, SMITH, FENTON, ANDERSON,  CHAPEL/COULTER/COVERT MARTIN, BOYERS, COPUS, BONEBRIGHT, WILSON/Query and STRAW.

1999, Volume 18:  St Jacob’s Lutheran Church in Hanover twp baptisms 1848-61; Vermillion twp 1838 Chattel Tax; Ashland’s early saw mills; Early history of Disciples in Ashland & area; States & Union and Ashland Times newspaper abstracts 1869-70/71; Naturalization records 1860-67; Some 1910 death certificate abstracts; 1860 Troy twp Poll Book; 1877 Savannah Academy; 1908 Law of Registering Births & Deaths; Ashland Montgomery twp Birth/Deaths mid 1907-mid 1908; Cemetery Deeds 1847-87; Markley Cemetery; Smalley One-Room School; family: CRONINGER, KILGORE, STOFER, GANTZ, NELSON, ROBINSON, and ATEN.

2000, Volume 19: States & Union and Ashland Times abstracts 1871; Naturalization Records 1866-81; Some records of Hayesville Presbyterian Church 1833-71; Imhoff Cemetery; Smalley One-Room School; Seymour Valley Church; Shipp’s School students 1845; The Ohio Union newspaper abstracts June 1852-May 1853; Hope Evangelical Church in Lake twp; Marsh Cemetery; Wiggle Town; The Ashland Standard newspaper 8 July 1847; Obits from the Evangelical Messenger church newspaper 1866-79 for Ashlanders; Some Kaylor Ridge Lutheran Church baptisms 1837-44; Some Loudonville newspaper abstracts; family: WALKER, HAYES, DILLIER & KINNEY.

2001, Volume 20:  FFOAC inductees and their ancestors for 2000; obits from Evangelical Church Messenger 1866-1899 (various issues); Records of the Church of Hopewell and early Presbyterian Church – Olivesburg, 1807-1857 (various issues); Rowesburg residents age 75 and over, 1872-73; History of United Brethern Church, Nova 1918; Ashland Democrat Newspaper abstracts 1846 (various issues); Loudonville Democrat list of County Registrations 1917; Henry FAULK article 1931.

2002, Volume 21: FFOAC inductees and their ancestors for 2001; 1840 Voters from Ashland; Ashland High School Alumni 1915 & 1916; Ashland Democrat Newspaper abstracts 1846 (various issues); Henry FULK family picture identification; Mrs. Jane RUSSELL obit article and picture for 1898 newspaper; Civil War Scouts from Ashland County; The Ohio Globe Newspaper 1836 abstracts; Samuel HARNER letter 1839, including lineage notes; tidbit articles from Loudonville Democrat (various issues; various 1910 death records; Abstracts from Standard Atlas of Holmes Co, 1907; 1907 Death Index. Loudonville Democrat (various issues); State of Ohio vs. Lamartine GREENWALD, Henry A.L. MARKEL, George SNOOK (Reason B. Glass will).

2003, Volume 22: FFOAC inductees and ancestors for 2002; State of Ohio vs Lamartine GREENWALD, Henry A.L. MARKEL, George SNOOK (Reason B. Glass will); Marion and Sylvia GREGG EDDY photograph; Loudonville Democrat 1907 death index; Mifflin area news abstracts, 1882-1887; Ashland articles Ohio Globe, 1836; 1887 Ashland High School Commencement program; Eva Miller Howalt obit, Loudonville 1896; Rev. Zed Copp, Wayne Co Democrat newspaper 1900; Lewis CHESRON family feud, 1888; Mifflin news items, 1887-1889 (various issues); Scottish families of Savannah, mid 1800’s; Jackson BAUGHEY indenture of 1832; Old Hopewell Presbyterian Church, 1818-19; Deaths of 1887-88 from Ashland Newspaper 1888; Ashland County World War II Missing or Killed in Action abstracts.

2004, Volume 23: 2003 FFOAC members and ancestors; Mifflin area news abstracts, 1889-1890; Ashland County World War II Missing or Killed in Action abstracts; various 1906 obituaries including John HINKLE; Orange Lutheran Church; 1870 marriages from Ashland Times newspaper; 1922 Sullivan Centennial Homecoming (various issues); Weston Photo Album, pictures and mini bios (various issues); Mifflin area news abstracts, 1890s (various issues); Andrews Post GAR No. 132 (various issues); John BRYTE family; Automobiles owners 1912 (various issues).

2005, Volume 24:  John STREETER Bible; Mason Cemetery, Orange Twp; Andrews Post GAR No. 132 (various issues); First Families for 2004; Daniel FISHER Family; Jacob GEBHART 1799-1866; Ashland Co Deaths 1938-39 (various issues); Green Twp Trustee Minutes, 1843-1845; Green Twp Militia, 1844; Pre-1850 Ashland Co Newspapers in print; BOFFENMYER Family Bible of Perry Twp; Mormon Church in New London & Ruggles; Ashland Co Civil War Pension Affidavits; Gold Rush Diary of G.W. KING (various issues); Ashlanders in Cleveland Newspapers; Recollections of Vermillion Institute; 1939 Ashland Co Death Index; Weston Photo Album, pictures and mini bios (various issues); David GORDON Family Bible; United Brethren Church at Lafayette, 1873; MATHEWS/MATTHEWS Family of Richland and Ashland Counties.

2006, Volume 25: BROWN Family Bible; Gold Rush Diary; Green Twp School No. 8 students; Andrews Post GAR No. 132 (various issues); 1909 Ashland Co Death Index; Spanish-American War Pensioners 1939; Rebekah Lodge Past Noble Grands, 1891-1968; Ruggles Pioneers, Troy Twp pictures; Ashland County Home (Heartland Home) Cemetery burials; Samuel SHANNON Family; Lepley School, Green Twp, 1902; Early Auditor’s Land Records (various issues); Ashland’s Disabled Vets 1930; Agnes HARTMANN letter 1856; Elliott Post GAR, No. 255; WILES Family Bible; 1901 Loudonville Fire; 1910 Ashland Co Deaths; Lemuel HATCH 1768-1852; 1908 Perrysville Graduation; Rachel WAGNER MILLAR, 1798-1864; Ruggles and Troy Twp news articles; Sullivan and Mifflin Pioneers from Ashland’s Past (includes pictures); 1910 Ashland Co Birth and Death Index.

2007, Volume 26:  First Family of Ashland Co Banquet news and pictures; Hanover Twp. Tax Duplicates, 1829; United Brethren Church, Lafayette; Perry Twp. Bastardy Case-Susan LITTLE; Mowery Funeral Home & Photographer Family; KREB’s Grocery-Nova; Rachel GARVER WERTMAN article, with pictures;  Spanish Flu epidemic in Ashland Press; Frederick SELSER-Revolutionary War Soldier; Underground Railroad in Ashland-A.R.PAXTON; Missing in Action and Dead in World War II (various issues); survives fire of steamer R. Campbell in Louisiana, staying in Ashland; Quadrennial Enumerations Mohican Twp. 1815; Savannah Academy;  Draft Registration cards; Necrology for 1885; Enumeration Lake Twp-1815, 1819, 1823; STUCKEY-STUDEBAKER Family Bible.

2008, Volume 27:  FFOAC Banquet and 2007 inductees; Necrology 1887; John MARKLEY’s experiences during the California Gold Rush of 1849; Mansfield Blockhouse Restoration-2008; History of Troy Township Schools-1910; Ashland Mayors;  1819 Quadrennial Enumeration-Mohican Twp.; Family Record of John and Anna Mary HARTMAN; John COULTER, Henry HARTMAN, Levi HARTMAN, and Dr. James Huston WILLIAMS Bible records; Hayesville Fire of 1901; Jackson Township Quadrennial Enumeration 1819-1823; Darby Ann SWIGART Obit-1887; Nankin in 1884; Perry Twp. and Rowsburg remembrance of Dr. W. E. EMERY; Polk High School Class of 1931; 1815 Perry Twp. Quadrennial; Mohican Twp Quadrennial Enumeration 1823; Mohican Twp. Births & Deaths for 1923; Petition to Incorporate Polk 1874; Ludwig SCHERFF( Age 94)-Obit 1924.

2009, Volume 28:  New First Families of Ashland Co members (including pictures); seven RADER brothers; Ashlanders in Ohio Penitentiary; Ruggles Twp area scrapbook clippings-by Anna DENHAM RICHARDS; PARMELY Letters-Sullivan, Ohio; 1763 Christopher SAUER Bible for BUCHER/BAKER family in Jackson Twp;  McZena’s arrest of Mrs. Mary Jane LEITER (abortionist); 1874 Ashland Co. births;  June 1924 Births & Deaths; Savannah Academy Alumni 1913; John MARKLEY Obituary 1924; A. J. FINLEY of  San Diego; Emmanuel United Methodist Church Sunday School Convention 1914; 1907 Ruggles Centralized School photo); John ECHELBERGER’s Deed-1837; PATTERSON Family of Mifflin Twp.; 1823 Perry Twp. Quadrennial Enumeration; Sullivan Twp. Students-1848; Revolutionary War Soldiers buried in Ashland County; Ashland County Pioneers; Vital Records Jan 1928; Ashland Co. World War II Killed & Missing.

2010, Volume 29: 1892 Sullivan Homecoming; Barbara HORN life in Ashland Co; First Family Inductees for 2009; VANTILBURG Photo; KNOWLTONs of Herford Crossing; Ashland Necrology 1886-1889; Mohican Twp. Births/Deaths 1924; 1915 Ruggles High School picture; Troy Township History;  Nova of Troy Township History, Hoover Family Bible contents; 1903 Mifflin Twp. Necrology register; James GRAY obituary (1886); 1926 Ashland Births & Deaths; Savannah Academy (1903-04) including bio of Alexander SCOTT, founder of Savannah Academy; 1931 bios and obits of various Ashlanders; Jeromesville Blockhouse; death of Portia MANSFIELD;  Apr 1926 Deaths; Feb-Mar 1928 Births & Deaths; 1932 Historical Society Picnic; 1834 First Ashland Newspaper;  1922 Ashland first lighted by gas; Early history of Savannah; Mar, Jun-July 1926 Death and Jun 1926 Births;  John BAILY Obit 1907; Dr. John ROBINSON, pastor of Ashland Presbyterian Church; various societies of Savannah; Surviving soldiers in 1908 Loudonville area; Tom NEEL  Ashland Co connections

2011, Volume 30: David DEVOR bio (w/Pic); 1928 Births-Deaths; Henry FULK dies 1917, PICKING Nut & Candy Store, Dickey Brethren Church; Ashland Will Book #2 abstracts; Robert SMILE dies 1934; A.C. FOX of Hayesville (82 in 1934); Deaths of 1889 by township; SWITZER-LEISTER 1934 60th Anniv; Pulaski (Dick) HOLBEN obit; Civil War soldiers in Ashland, OH 1908; Hannah BUZZARD obit; 1906 listing of marriages 25 years prior; Rowsburg, OH 101-year Anniversary (1936); SCHNEIDER reunion (including Pic)-1925; Aug 1925 births & deaths; singing mouse.

2012, Volume 31:  2011 First Families Banquet & Chapter members (Pics); Surviving Civil War soldiers of Ashland Co-1908; Battery D, First Ohio Light Artillery journal & listing of 40 members; 1926-May Deaths;  Ashland Will Book #2 abstracts; Vermillion Institute (Hayesville Academy) purchase and renovation (including some students names); 1922 Arthur St. school pic; Misc. obits of 1911; 1925 Old Sixteen School pic (w/names); marriage of BRIGGS-McGUIRE (1919); SHEARER obit 1881, Minnie MARKS SEWARDS Lucas burial;  1934 Corn Hog Production Program (by township, listing names & acreage); War of 1812 review & listing of those buried in Ashland County; 1906 Lake township Civil War veterans; JP FREDERICK 1906 obit.

2013, Volume 32:   2012 Lineage Banquet and inductees (including ancestors); Chapter Officers; New Lineage Pins;  Battery D, First Ohio Light Artillery Journal (cont’d from previous year);  1934 Corn Hog Production Program-by twp., listing names & acreage (cont’d from previous year); War of 1812 listing of those buried in Ashland County (cont’d from previous year); CHEESEMAN-PARKER biography; Numerous local obituaries-CONN, DITCH, GOON, HELBERT, SLOAN, MUHLEIN, STELZER, & more; Electra HALL, first woman in Ashland to vote (1922); Susan DEVORE biography; Who is Uncle Sam?; Local Railroad employees listing; Priv. ARNHOLT, first Ashland County soldier to die in WWI.

2014, Volume 33:  2013 Lineage Society Banquet & pictures; Lineage new inductees including their ancestors; Local Railroad employees listings (cont’d from previous year); Battery D, First Ohio Light Artillery Journal (cont’d from previous year);  Obits for SHEDLER, BLOOS, KELLOG, WILER, MATZINGER; GAULT; HELMAN;  Edmond ROSS biography; Osborn School pic from 1934; Levi ROBISON, early years; Oliver RUMBAUGH 1904 wedding anniversary; Dogs used for searching cemetery graves; Wm. DUFF-local historian; 1891 local news for Savannah & Jeromeville; search for A.T. McKELVEY; Loudonville 200th Birthday; 1888 News for Milton, Oliversburg, W. Orange Twp, & Hayesville; Perrysville H.S. grade 1890-1961.

2015, Volume 34:   Ashland, Ohio 200th Bicentennial; 2014 Lineage Society Banquet Pictures, including names of inductees and ancestors; 2015 Chapter officers and picture; Battery D, First Ohio Light Artillery Journal (cont’d from prev. year)-includes burial locations of many members; Quick review of Township beginnings; Births and deaths 1902 (Orange Twp.); Obits for Joe JONES, CORTS, BROWN, MUHLHEIM, HEICHAEL, etc;  Ashland county boy born in 1846; Bio of Abraham MYERS and Oliver STOUGH; Joseph SHOPBELL shotgun from 1812; Using State Censuses; Perrysville High School grads 1890-1961 (cont’d from prev. year); Log Cabin found in Mifflin from 1813-1831 (including pictures); Margaret YEATER McMULLEN (MULLER) mystery; Ashland 1915 events in review; McNAUL family book donated to Chapter Library.

2016, Volume 35:   2015 Lineage Society Banquet Pic and inductees and ancestors; 1848 letter to Mrs. Sally SNYDER; Ashland 1915 events (cont’d from prev. year); Marriages/deaths of 1917; Memorial Day history; DNA mystery; Perrysville High School grads 1890-1961 (cont’d from prev. year); ECHELBERGER father & son World War II; Sourcing Citations refresher; Obits for DANNER, STRINE, McCLURE, DONLEY, MUNDORFF, GETZ, & FREDERICK; Wedding Anniver. for Thomas HIBBARD-1860 and Esq. PORTER-1880; Civil War Headstone mixup for TOWSLEY-TOWSLEE; DH SLOAN born in log cabin; what is a GEDCOM?; Black Cane Company history in Perrysville; Preserve Your Genealogy Research; McNULTY family and hotels; CF ENGLE obit-1904; Births and Deaths 1902-03; Family Reunion of RICE family.

2017, Volume 36:  2016 Lineage Society Banquet Pics & inductees with ancestors; McNULTY  family & Hotels; Births & Deaths of 1902-03; GRIBBEN & HORN hanging in Ashland; KOHLER, GOOD, BEEGHLY, HARLAN, ANDERSON Reunions; Mabel BERRA biography; Judge Wm. OSBORN, George KISSEL, McCURDY, ALLISON obituaries as well as other local obits; current SELBY and HEIFFNER reunions; Jonas FREER/Mary BRIDGER wedding account; WACHTEL family Bible (1844); G.A.R. history; Ashland County Fairgrounds History; Newspapers-important research tool; Honoring Volunteers- Sally SPRENG & Anne LOCKWOOD DALLAS BUDD; Queries; and local chapter information.

2018, Volume 37:  2018 Chapter Officers; 2017 Banquet pics; Sullivan High School Commencement Notice 1929; History of Sullivan Township-1932; STUDEBAKER Family in Ashland; May Days in Ashland; Early Community Deaths, etc; Ashland Common Pleas Court Bible; Reunions: ADDLEMAN, HESS, PLANK, SHIDLER, HOHENSHIL, GINDLESBERGER, WEEDMAN, SPOTTS, VANDERS, YOUNG, WHISLER; 1926 Ashland High School Class Reunion; Gretna Greens; QUONG Family; Court House unfolding project; PLANK Family Reunion; Recollection of Sandusky Street (1904); Honoring Volunteers – Rita KOPP, SHIRLEY BOYD, TOM NEEL; Queries; and local chapter information.

2019, Volume 38:  2019 Officers and 2018 Lineage Banquet with 4 inductees; David & Mary (STEELE) SLOAN Family home in Ashland & reunion; Reunions: BUSHNELL, CARL, MASON, CRAIG, CHANEY, JONES, CONN, HELBERT, BROWN, GREGG, 1928 Ashland High School Class; KAUFFMAN House torn down (1939); Val SHUCK 5 & 10¢ Store ad; John STONER bio; HEIFFNER-PEIGHT connection, Genealogy Proof Standards; Dr. Andrew J. SCOTT obit (1895); GREGG & Brown Family; Loudonville Ohio Flour Mill closed in 2019; Early Community Deaths, etc; FamilySearch turns 20; Orphan Trains (1854-1929); Social Security Application efforts; August IMGARD, Wooster’s first Christmas Tree.

2020, Volume 39: 2020 Officers; Christian VESPER Obit with picture; Old Teachers Exam Ledger; MARKLEY 50th Anniversary; SHREFFLER, BELL-McCLURE, GUTELIUS Reunions; C.F. GRAVES Andersonville Prison Survivor; Philpot COWEN family history and Obit; Epidemics throughout the world; D.W. KOHLER finds many wells; W.E.MITCHELL Anniversary 1929;  BALLY reunions; W.L.EDWARDS, photographer; GRUBAUGH family; Powell orphans; Ashland and the Spanish Influenza; CLIFFE reunions;  BUCKINGHAM Family; various Women of Ashland County (SHEETS, COUTLER, DWIRE, OSBORN, WERTMAN, etc); When people change their name; 1831 Petition for Montgomery Twp Justice of the Peace; Obits from 1889; C.WERTMAN mail carrier; Reunions of BERRY, URBAN, SUMMERS families.

2021, Volume 40: SCHNEIDER photograph (1873); Ashland Co Pioneer Historical Society annual meeting minutes; WELCH Family Reunions (with picture); obits for OTTER, KEEN, BRICKER SPRAGUE, EWING, McKINLEY; Vermillion Institute Reunion 1882; Odessa YOUNG died 1918 Spanish Influenza; some marriages of 1912; Reunions of 42nd,  23rd, and 102nd OVI; FREER Home (Ashland Children’s Home) history; ALLENBAUGH, FULK, LATIMER, STONER, SWINEFORD, ZEHNER family reunions; Medical Codes on Death Certificates; Dr. Phebe TABOR COFFIN, ancestor to Chapter President;  Underground Railroad, local historians that wrote about it; Picture of Orlin & Wm Thaddeus SHEARER and family; Ashland Co. Sheriffs from 1846-2021.