2023 OGS Chapter of the Year

Presented to a Chapter that meets three of more of the following criteria.

  • Variety of membership activities throughout the year (e.g., chapter meetings, field trips, lineage societies, OGS conference participation)
  • Contribution or service to genealogical records preservation (e.g., cemetery preservation, publishing, newsletters)
  • Providing assistance/resources to local libraries/repositories
  • Genealogical education of members or the general public (through newsletters, meetings, workshops, website, etc.)
  • Inter/Intra Chapter-OGS-local historical society activities, relationships, and communications

    Outstanding OGS Chapter Newsletter Award – Frances Dana Gage Award

    The newsletter was judged on the following criteria:

    • material interest
    • variety and originality
    • genealogical interest
    • writing and editing quality
    • readability and attractiveness
    • overall publication makeup

    The U.S. Grant Award for finding/research aids (indices, bibliographies). 

    This is a complete alphabetical index of all funerals handled by what is now the Denbow-Gasche funeral homes in Ashland, Ohio, between the years of 1908-1963. The book was judged on the following:

    • Is the book well-organized?
    • Is the index adequate and easy to use? If the work is an index, is it arranged in logical sequence? Is it indexed by multiple parameters?
    • If opinions are given, are they clearly indicated as such?
    • Are bibliography/resource lists included?
    • Are the references well-documented? Are sources properly cited? If the work is an index, is proper credit given to the source(s) from which the index was prepared?
    • Could another researcher retrace the steps taken to produce this work?
    • Will it be a significant addition to Ohio genealogical or historical research and/or scholarship?
    • Are any limitations of the references/sources clearly mentioned? (Missing pages, illegible writing, absence of data, missing volumes, etc.)
    • Is the scope of the material presented clearly defined? (Geographic area, time period, purpose, family names, etc.)
    • If illustrated, do the illustrations complement and illuminate the subject matter? Are they appropriately placed within the text?
    •  Are necessary abbreviations, legends, symbols, tables, and columns clearly explained and logically arranged?

    Outstanding Chapter Website Award – Thomas A. Edison Award

     Judged on the inclusion of the following required criteria, plus other outstanding features:

    • OGS activities
    • Chapter activities
    • Other genealogy activities (NGS, FGS, other societies)
    • Chapter information – meetings, history, current contact information
    • Local genealogical information/resources