History of ACCOGS

A social was held 26 January 1970 at the home of Anne Dallas Budd to form a genealogy group. Election of officers was held 17 March 1970 at the Ashland Public Library, and the charter was given to the Ashland County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society at the Ohio Genealogical Society Convention in Columbus, Ohio April 10-11, 1970.

The Pastfinder which is the chapter newsletter was founded in 1982 as a joint venture of the Richland and Ashland County Chapters with Peggy Mershon serving as the first editor. In February 1985, the Ashland County edition of The Pastfinder was created with Susan Dunlap Lee as editor. Sue moved on to South Carolina and Rita Bone Kopp finished out that year and each year following through 2002. The current editor of the newsletter is Terri Haun.

First Families of Ashland County was formed in 1984 with 69 charter members and in 2012 the chapter added two new lineage societies Settlers and Builders and Century Families.

Charter Members

*Anna Becker                                                    Ann Dallas Budd

*Margaret Forbes                                            *Ruth Hall

*Jeanne Sharick                                                Shirley Slater

Marlene Brewer                                               *Edna Conrad

*Frances Freer                                                  *Nedra Keener

*Pauline Sharick                                               Diana Weaver

*Shelby Edwards                                              *Stella Likes

*Maybelle Wise                                                 *Olive Edwards

*Elizabeth McCorkle                                        *Fred Woode

* Mrs. Fred Woode                                          *Mrs. David Enck

*Pearl Myer                                                       *Elrie Evel

*Dorsey Satterfield

*Indicates that Charter Member is deceased